Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Written Word - Paradox

Kira Hellweg is a recent graduate with a passion for music, Jesus Christ, and (oh, yeah) writing. She is the unpublished author of The Legend of Harthore, which is currently in the editorial stage. Legend will be followed by The Legacy of Harthore and finally The Legion of Harthore to complete the imminent Trilogy of Harthore. To follow her coming adventures and writing, check out her blog, The Long-Expected Journey.

Welcome to The Written Word (TWW for short) on YAWA. This series (managed by yours truly) on our blog will be focused on the most important thing to the majority of our readers - the actual writing. Every Thursday, we will share an excerpt from someone's writing, published or not. To start, the five admins will feature sections of our own WIPs. We hope you enjoy our writing, and feel free to email us at if you'd like to see your own writing featured!

Welcome back, writers! On TWW last week, we saw the teaser for admin Sam Graber's WIP Korina of Two Worlds. This week, you all get to see an excerpt from yet another one of our admins, published author Brian McBride.

Brian McBride, sixteen-year-old native to Oregon, is a passionate Christian, writer, and an avid reader. Paradox is his first book in a series of high fantasy novels, The Starcrafters' Saga. When he's not reading or writing, he spends his time hanging out with friends and family, and playing the piano, drums, and the bass guitar. He runs a Christian book blog, Shattering the Darkness, and loves finding new teenage authors like himself.

Brian's writing centers around fantastic thrills, intriguing adventure, and mysterious twists, and ultimately, the destiny that belongs to each and every person on planet Earth.

In the distance, hooves pounded on the dirt trail. Hannah looked toward the source of the sound.
   “You mussst hurry. We haven’t much time…” The voice hissed.
   “I know! It’s not every day that an invisible being tells me to cut myself and give them my blood,” she said. Hannah took a deep breath and pressed the stick against her flesh.
    Hannah grunted. Blood trickled through the small cut that ran across her palm. She tossed the stick to the ground and stared at her bloody hand. “Okay. Now what?”
   “Jussst hold out your hand…” The black mist lunged for Hannah’s hand. To Hannah, it felt as though a leach had attached itself to her hand and was sucking her life away.
    Just then Alicia, David, Jake, and Valar broke through the trees in a full gallop. They came to a stop a few feet from where Hannah was standing.
    “Hannah!” Alicia screamed. “What are you doing?”
    “I’m not needed here. I’m going with them.”
    “Who?” Jake asked, searching for the people she spoke of.
   “It doesn’t matter. They promised me what Trand would not give me.” The gray wisps hissed when she said Trand’s name.
   Suddenly the mist was gone. Hannah looked at her hand, clean of blood. She inspected the cut, but there was nothing to inspect. Then thunder clapped behind her. She spun away from the group and toward the noise.
   Lightning shot through the canopy of trees and stuck the ground ahead of Hannah. She screamed and threw her arms in front of her face. The horses that the others were riding whinnied in fear. They reared and chomped at the bit.
    “Hannah! What have you done?” Valar shouted, terrified.
    Booms of thunder resounded through the air.
   A surge of electric light suddenly coursed through Hannah’s body. She went rigid and fell to her knees. Face in hands. She shook violently, and her mouth released a wretched scream.

Excerpt from Paradox
by Brian McBride
(c) 2013

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