Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Written Word - Korina of Two Worlds

Kira Hellweg is a recent graduate with a passion for music, Jesus Christ, and (oh, yeah) writing. She is the unpublished author of The Legend of Harthore, which is currently in the editorial stage. Legend will be followed by The Legacy of Harthore and finally The Legion of Harthore to complete the imminent Trilogy of Harthore. To follow her coming adventures and writing, check out her blog, The Long-Expected Journey.

Welcome to The Written Word (TWW for short) on YAWA. This series (managed by yours truly) on our blog will be focused on the most important thing to the majority of our readers - the actual writing. Every Thursday, we will share an excerpt from someone's writing, published or not. To start, the five admins will feature sections of our own WIPs. We hope you enjoy our writing, and feel free to email us at if you'd like to see your own writing featured!

Last week's segment of TWW featured an Author Spotlight on Ms. Trixie Hall's WIP The Program and I - be sure to take a look in the blog history if you missed it. This week on YAWA, we bring you another teaser from one of our admins, Sam Graber!

Sam Graber is a homeschool graduate and avid reader and writer. He is a college student, and enjoys both playing and arranging music. Sam recently began a novel entitled Korina of Two Worlds, which he hopes to make his first published novel. You can find his author page on Facebook: Sam Graber, Author.

Born an Anaian, raised a Lithelian, Korina seeks to find where she truly belongs.

   Korina’s mother was killed by an assassin in the pay of a misguided Anaian nobleman just days

after her birth, leaving her in the charge of her godmother, Merilwen of Lithelia. Korina has a hard 

time fitting in in Lithelia, where the people are of the blue-skinned lithus race. Fearing that the same 

assassin would one day find Korina, Merilwen had her trained to beat assassins at their own game.

   Now years later, the council of Lithelia wishes to make use of her skills to protect Lady Roble, an 

Anaian noblewoman who may be the key to Lithelia’s survival. For years, a strong prejudice has 

grown between the humans and lithus. Now the Anaians are on the brink of declaring a war of 

extermination against Lithelia. Only Lady Roble stands in the way, and she may soon be the target of 

assassination by her misguided countrymen. It is up to Korina to protect Lady Roble while in the 

guise of a maid. But Korina, who was raised among the lithus, fears she will never be able to blend 

into the Anaian culture.

Excerpt from Korina of Two Worlds
by Sam Graber
(c) 2013

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