Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Why Is That So Popular - Star Wars Edition

     Hey guys. Sam here. Today I want to talk about Star Wars, and a few reasons why I think it's as popular as it is. Star Wars has probably had more fanfiction written on it than almost any other series. Now I think it's picking up some renewed interest with the planned 7th episode coming out.

    First of all, I would like to explore a few reasons why I think Star Wars is popular.

    1: It's extremely imaginative. Star Wars introduces us to a large and extremely diverse array of weapons, starships, worlds, people, and even droids. Many of these ideas have influenced other science fiction works as well. As one of the pioneers of the science fiction genre, Star Wars has had a strong impact on the way we view sci-fi today.

     2: Star Wars was filmed on the cutting edge of computer generation techniques and special effects. I think this was a strong contributing factor in its initial popularity, as it allowed viewers glimpses of other worlds which were previously unavailable to them on the movie screen.

     3: The Star Wars story includes themes that are common and yet we enjoy seeing them played out with fresh variations. We have the rebel alliance, a relatively small organized rebellion that is facing seemingly hopeless odds as it struggles against the empire, and yet they prevail in the end. We also have Luke, the young 'rookie' hero who grows to become a key factor in the rebellion.

     4: Last but not least, Star Wars was also one of the pioneers into the world of epic movie soundtracks. It's one of the first major soundtracks in which the composer used themes to illustrate the scene in the music as well as the movie itself. One of the most recognizable is the dramatic imperial theme, which can often be heard in the background when imperial soldiers are shown on-screen.

     Thanks for joining us for our Star Wars edition of Why Is That So Popular. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave a comment to let us know why you think Star Wars is so popular.

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