Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why Is That So Popular? - Doctor Who Edition

Hey Writers! So today, on "Why Is That So Popular?", we're going to discuss Doctor Who. It is popular in several countries, and most of the people who've seen it either hate it or love it. Its fandom is devoted, starstruck, and sometimes obsessed. What is it about the show that makes people love it so much?

If you're a whovian, this picture should just make you smile. :)

Here's Emily Rachelle, with her reasons as to why she thinks Doctor Who is popular:

I am one of those Doctor Who fangirls.  I have a T-shirt (two, actually!), I like the Facebook pages, and I pin like a crazy person.  Clearly, I adore the show.  Guess what?  So does my three-year-old babysitting client!  Not to mention the show celebrates 50 years - yes, fifty! - this year.  Personally, I think this show owes its popularity to a number of things.  First of all, the show stays true to its tone and message.  From the early days in 1963 to the most recent season, Doctor Who doesn't deviate in theme or tone like some shows do through the seasons.  Dedicated fans appreciate that.  Second, the actors are brilliantly cast.  Most of them are new talent, but they are still brilliant actors and play their roles beautifully.  Third, the writing.  Oh, the stories are amazing!  While I agree with some people that Steven Moffat's showrunning sometimes makes things a bit too confusing and don't leave enough time for character development, I still love the show.  Now I'll let the others take their turns :)  ~ Emily Rachelle

I (Carilyn) agree with Emily. The acting and screenplays are just *brilliant*. Some episodes are better than others (and some I didn't even finish they were so bad!), but for the most part, the writers did an excellent job with keeping episodes tied together. They also make you love the characters, because they develop the characters over time. The characters grow because of their relationship with each other, and you get to see why people act the way they do, and you see what their past has done to affect their future. The writers let you get attached to the characters. If you don't care about the characters, then you won't care about the show.

So, do you like Doctor Who? Why or why not? Why do you think it is popular?


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  2. I love Doctor Who for the Doctor and the companions. It's such an interesting concept and the writing is great. I do agree some episodes are meh, but for the most part I enjoy them especially with Amy and Rory. ^ ^ They're one of my favorite couples. Fandom is what really got me into though. I watched it for the first time because two of my best friends are big time fans and now I'm the one sharing tons of Doctor Who memes, lol. XD

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